A few lines about me

I was born on 24th of November 1986 in a nice country named Slovakia where I live till today. I live in the Capital of Slovakia – Bratislava. I finished studies at a college, which was primary oriented at foreign languages and economical subjects. Currently, I study Computer Science (Computer Engineering) at Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, which is part of the Slovak University of Technology. In 2009 I have finished my Bachelor degree and have obtained a Bc. title. My plan is to continue with the studies at the same university as mentioned above.

I’m pretty interested in Computer Science. My work is mainly directed onto the FreeBSD project, which is by my personal opinion one of the best Operating Systems around. I’m currently working on the FreeBSD web site, where I’m trying to improve the Commercial Gallery and Handbook as well. I wrote several interesting and useful articles. I’ve submitted a bunch of patches for the documentation project and I’ve also submitted my own PRs, and I’m maintaining some ports too.

Since 20th of August 2006 I am a part of FreeBSD Project as the doc+www commit bit privileges were given to me. As a FreeBSD committer I help other clever committers to improve the FreeBSD documentation and web site. My mentors were Giorgos Keramidas and Tom Rhodes. These two skillful guys teached me a lot of new things and it was my pleasure to work together with them.

Of course, I’m not only a FreeBSD guy. Initially, I was working as UNIX® System Administrator for one of the Slovak ISPs, where I have set-up a few mail- and name- servers, monitorig services and so on. I was providing a technical support for its customers as well. In the late 2008 I have established a privaty company – SysCare s. r. o. whose goal is to provide UNIX® systems administration outsourcing services, mainly in Slovakia. You could also noticed, that I’m an administrator of rulez.sk machine, which is some kind of shell/mail/web/ftp/database/name server. I was working with my brother on the To Protect You service, which provides an E-mail protecting on web sites. This service is also used on this homepage. I was mainly coding the interface, which was written in PHP. We are currently working on OpenSubtitles.org web page, which we hope will become the best subtitles web server around. There were naturally some other WEB projects, but I’m not going to write about them here. I’m not a professional programmer, but so long, I’ve learnt in my spare time some basic shell scripting, C, Java and PHP programming, and I’m also able to write some Perl and Python scripts. I’m able to work with SQL, mainly MySQL as well. Some of my work is available under the Projects section.

In my spare time, I like to go outside with my friends to get some good beer and talk to each other. I like to bike, swim, skate, ski and whichever sort of sport you can ever remember, since I have a good sport talent (actually, I’ve never did any sport as a professional). I really enjoy my time by listening good music. I have no restricted music style, since I like all sorts of music but Techno and Rap. To be honest, I don’t like reading books – I mean those, printed on paper, since one can’t press ctrl+f and find the exact thing which is looking for 🙂