I was badly bored today, so I decided that I have to find something to do. Since I have written a NanoBSD article and there is still missing a manual page for this utility, I realized that it would be pretty nice to write one. Finally, it’s done and I’ve sent it to my mentors and Ruslan for review. Let’s hope it’s good enough and will be available in our tree soon!

2 thoughts on “nanobsd(8)

  1. qwerty

    i had successfully create my image and it great work for me, but it seems to me that nanobsd project very old, so, is any updates or maybe new emb-system project freebsd based are actual now ?

  2. danger Post author

    Even if the NanoBSD is pretty old project, it’s the most supported one, as far as I know. NanoBSD is roughly feature-complete and there are no known bugs that require to get fixed, there isn’t much development going on related to this tool….

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