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Hello people,

we are working on the web based FreeBSD forums for some time now and we have added some rss feed based features to it, so that when a new item is added under News section or Security Advisories section of the page, it’s added to the approporiate forum and users can talk about the given item.
Recently, a new Errata Notice has been released (FreeBSD-EN-08:02.tcp.asc) and I have noticed that we do not have a RSS Feed for Errata notices. I have realized that it might be useful for our users to be able to subscribe to such feed so I have worked on this feature.
I have committed a few moments ago a code that brings support for Errata Notices RSS Feed to and it will be available from the following URL:
So please subscribe now in order to be informed about new Errata Notices quickly and in an easy way.
This allows us to add this feed to the web based forum, so that users can disccus about errata notices as well.

More about the web based FreeBSD forums to come later.

One thought on “FreeBSD Errata Notices RSS Feed

  1. Murray Stokely

    It would be great to get the text of those releases there. I had added the RSS feed for security advisories previously but didn’t find it very compelling because it lacked the content of the advisories, and thus didn’t follow up with the errata notices also. If you could work with security team they might be willing to change their workflow some how so that we can syndicate the actual content of the releases which would be much, much, more useful.

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