SysInfo: a set of scripts which document your FreeBSD system

Hello guys,

As part of my bachelor thesis, I am developing a script that automatically documents settings of particular FreeBSD box.

The point of this script is to provide some descriptive information about unknown system’s configuration (hardware and software) for administrator who has no idea about the given system.

I would greatly appreciate if you guys could test it in your environment and provide some feedback.  I would also like to hear your opinions on what kind of information would you be interested in, in the above described situation. If your ideas happen to be reasonable, I will gladly implement them and include in the next release of SysInfo.

You may be also interested in the Forums thread I have created for this tool at the FreeBSD forums:

And finally, the latest version of this script can be found at:

You can also conveniently install it from the official FreeBSD port using the sysutils/sysinfo port.

Thank you.

9 thoughts on “SysInfo: a set of scripts which document your FreeBSD system

  1. Murray Stokely

    Seems like an interesting project. Looking forward to seeing the services / rc.conf integration as well. Would be useful for bug reports / support requests for ixsystems / freebsdmall. Keep up the good work.

  2. remke

    Tried but some errors…
    Youre website is not working please give me youre email/contact info…


  3. Dennis Yusupoff

    Works great and looks good!

    But don’t be better call this “hint”, not “warning”? FreeBSD-amd64 haven’t better performance at “usual” tasks and get it only then memory size more than 4Gb and at heavy tasks and heavy-loaded applications, as, for example, SQL or www server etc.

    WARNING: Your CPU supports amd64 architecture, however you are running i386.
    WARNING: You may want to switch to amd64 to get a better performance.

  4. Dennis Yusupoff

    One more “bug” report. 😉

    Sysinfo shows:

    Storage information

    Available hard drives:
    ad6: 238475MB at ata3-master SATA300

    Raid controllers:

    Empty raid controllers. Is it OK?

    Socket statistics:
    There are currently 40 listening (21 TCP/19 UDP) and 17 connected connections.

    “connected connections” sounds bad. May be better “established connections”?

    Not running services

    dbus is not running.
    dnsmasq is not running.
    exim is not running.
    flow_capture is not running.
    git_daemon is not running.
    htcacheclean is not running.
    mrtg_daemon is not running.
    netflow is not running.
    nginx is not running.
    pftabled is not running.
    radiusd is not running.
    snmpd is not running.
    svnserve is not running.
    watchquagga is not running.
    newsyslog is not running.
    wpa_supplicant is not running.

    Actually some of it is running, but doesn’t show it via “/rc.d/program status”.

    Anyway, nice work!

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