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Long time, no see. Well, I must admit that with the exception of the regular (quarterly) FreeBSD Status Report, I am not working much on other community FreeBSD stuff these days, which makes me feel nostalgic from time to time. That’s why I spent some of my free time on working on the new FreeBSD Handbook section. This time it covers HAST – Highly Available Storage.

HAST was developed by pjd@ and is available since 8.1-RELEASE. It allows to transparently store the same data across several physically separated machines connected over TCP/IP. HAST can be understood as a network-based RAID1 (mirror), and is similar to the DRBD® storage system known from the GNU/Linux® platform.

In this new section, you will learn how to set up a robust storage system resistant to hardware failures by integrating other more advanced FreeBSD features, such as CARP and devd, together.

The full article is available at

Thanks to all the reviewers, and hopefully you will enjoy the reading!
If you spot any problems, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

4 thoughts on “New FreeBSD Handbook Section – HAST

  1. lordboboss

    It seems remote IP are not good in the hast.conf sample, it should be :

    resource test {
    on hasta {
    local /dev/ad6
    on hastb {
    local /dev/ad6

  2. mato

    wasn’t something (remotely) similar available for a couple of years ? — ggate — coincidentally developed by the same guy 🙂

  3. danger Post author

    yep, it was/is geom gate, but it’s just similar thing to HAST. HAST adds additional features and is actually built on top of ggate…

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