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Web site changes

I have decided to move my web site to some content mangement system as I was bored to edit the static html pages all the time (well, there were a bunch of some php scripts, but those were used only to add headers and footers). Not that I have updated my web site on a regular basis, but well it’s always better to be able to update your web instantly anytime you want from any place in the world.

I have decided to use WordPress, as I heard some good reviews about it and I also have some little experience with it. The installation was really straightforward and easy; I got it working in a few minutes. I hope it’s going to serve me well.

I also have closed my blog hosted at blogs.freebsdish.org as I haven’t really written a lot in there and it’s now redundant to have a blog both there and here as well…so the planet.freebsdish.org is going to link only this blog.